Golden Polish Autumn 

seasonal offer

The beautifull, full of colours tour to Szczytnicki Park by the old waterside of the river Oder. You will see the Cential Hall, vastness of Szczytnicki Park, new and old Szczytniki Department with historic residences.  


Especially for you 



Senior Segway Club - If you are over 65 you can become a member of prestige Senior Segway Club. Invite 3 other people who are also over 65 to be able to enter the Club together in order to benefit 20% discount on a tour of your choice. 

Family tour - an offer for 4 or more members of the same family (parents + children, siblings, cusinry, etc.) - choose any trip you want, invite your closest ones and receive 15% discount for all your family members. 

Special Offer  - seasonal offer specified on the top of this page. Check it out! 


Special offerts can not be combined. 


We offer you

Activity Events


Over 5 years of expirience.


If you have a buissnes/company meeting in Wrocław and about 2-5 hours of free time you can spend it partly on Segway Tour and connect it with other attractions. 


Let us know when, where and who would like to have a Segway Attraction etc. to receive a especial offer especially tailored for you. 

Contact us:


Wrocław City Tour


Red Tour  - 2,5-3h - 160 PLN/ per - min. 2 per.

Orange Tour - 2h - 140 PLN/per - min. 3 per

Green Tour - 1,5 h - 100 PLN/per - min 3 per.








Tips & Info 

For your own comfort during the tour please do not forget to take: comfortable shoes, sunglasses, the right clothes depending on the weather forecast , mineral water and good mood :)  

Who can drive on Segway?

the person's weight > 30 kg

the person's height > 140 cm

the children in age > 8 years (and >30kg, and >140cm)

Please don't drink any alcohol before the tour and don't take any drugs or legal higs. Be responsible and accept the safety rules in a group and in public palces.  


- Segway Dolny Śląsk - we rent Segways for events, tours in Lower Silesia etc., especially in Wrocław. Our vehicles are available for security services,  for services of mass meetings, for advirtisement - especially during coferences and congresses. 


- Novitas Apartments Wrocław - 2 comfrtable flat in centre ( 200m to Old Market) -you can book these here : +48 530 452 452 or check out ( put the name Novitas Apartments Wrocław)



- chek-in med - we are working to improve the service for medical tourists in Lower Silesia. Please observe the information on this webpage to be able to login on the new platform soon. The platform will be dedicated only for medical tourists. 


- Novitas out-sourcing Silesia Projects - as a freelancers group of the sales&markenig in polish market, specialy for the privet companies from Europe (smallbusiness) which would lieke to organize the trade,exibition, etc. 



Who we are & what we can do for you 



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